Saturday, January 31, 2009

Solving you

Your face tells a story I try to read;
you say, read between the lines,
which lines?

Beneath this smile, who knows,
charades how many...

Behind these eyes,
an infinite.
Raptures of waves.

The gaping of your lips,
a letter found and crushed.

And yet there's a story I try to read,
the book of your face tells,
but give them to me, will you,
the missing pages?


vikky nihalani said...

hai.... one the best poems u have ever written i loved it...

Tamanna A Shaikh said...

thanks honey! :)loads of love!

Coach Tammy said...

Did you write that?? wow. Loved it!

Tamanna A Shaikh said...

Yeah Tammy!! Thanks!! :)

Ram said...

Look into prologue of the book before picking it up which lies in the sturdy eyes of face. Face value could be deceptive ,a smile could be faked but that sparkling eyes which carries the true smile cannot be faked. Trust the eyes of the person to take a peek into his/her heart.


Devanshi said...

I always love reading your poems Tamanna...!!u write great poetries.This time after a long time I visited your blog and really loved reading this piece...

Crystal Escobar said...

Great poem! You're amazing!!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog, I'm definitely following you now :)


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