Sunday, October 3, 2010

To Muslim Terrorists

You must be really happy and proud of yourselves after knocking the WTC down and such, right? It did create a stir of course but hell, the world trade hasn't stopped and never will. You scared the people but somewhere deep down you made them strong too. You taught them dealing with losses. You taught them decision making. You taught them to forgive and to fight. Looks like they're all a whole lot more stronger and powerful. You haven't harmed anyone really. Do you know who you really are terrorizing though?

The Muslims. The peace-loving, absolutely normal and very loving kinds-- to cut it short, the TRUE Muslims. You are terrorizing me. My mom. My dad. My brother. My family. All of us. You have successfully harmed us. You know, how a lot of people now hate me because of you? You know how they consider me some butcher because of you? How their smile-length shortens when they know I'm a Shaikh...How they are suddenly aware of where I touched they are suddenly regretful of the good things they told me just are they regretful of even knowing me at all. How the expectations from a 'Tamanna' crash to the ground when they know I'm a 'Shaikh'...They may be biased but it's your fault. You did it. To us Muslims. To us God-loving Muslims. Yes and there isn't any difference between God and Allah, FYI. I wonder who you've been worshipping because My God never got angry when I called Him God...or when I bowed in front of Ram and said in my mind, "It's still You, God"...I wonder which Allah you work for because my Allah doesn't need mere mortals to work for Him...No one works for my Allah. He is The Creator and The Destroyer and He doesn't ask me to do it...and not FOR Him at least...never. So whatever be the reason behind your actions, stop doing it under the pretext of Islam. Because when Prophet Mohd saw an orphan in a fair, he held him by his hand and took him home. What you do, is create orphans in times when there isn't a prophet Mohd...

Your eyes are filled with the dust of the caves that you hide in. God's people don't hide. Your actions have changed my life. And the lives of millions (yes, there are millions) of other such peace loving, understanding, or just common-sense-possessing Muslims. If there's anyone at all who you have terrorized, it's us Muslims. And Allah will do the rightful at the right time and of this I'm sure, that I'm not sharing the hell with you. 


Jeweliot said...

wish everyone thought like that.

wish people stop judging someone based on their religion. it's so stupid!


Scribbling Girl said...

You said it all gal......seriously u did.....Its what we muslims really wanna tell these people.....the surname wasn't such a big deal till 9/11 happened.....I hope someday they realize its not worth....maybe someday peace reigns....someday maybe that Islamphobia goes off and we r not seen as such threats......Loved ur post ....Amazing blog u have :)

Cinderella said...

This write leaves me bereft of words, for I know not how to conjure my words.

I know people who still in todays world hold a bias against muslims, and it baffles me no ends. They sit with them, talk to them, eat with them, laugh with them - but then there is always a hypocritical undercurrent of some abstract disapproval.

Why? What for? I dont understand. What kind of ancient times are we living in, and where does the inspiration for this kind of behavior come from? History is replete with instances that speak otherwise, isnt it?

Maybe its also us you know. Maybe we should think perhaps it was/is our actions that pushed them into becoming nobody wants to become. They're all humans too arent they?

I dunno. I am thinking too much.

Miles Of Style said...

i think this is your best ever Tammy! completely awed by your thoughts and words here....

Diya said...

religion has divided humanity long enough now...and I'm afraid with the modern state of international economics and politics it's not going to get any better. I do feel for you; you're such a sweet person and that comes across immediately that I'm not sure why anyone would ever judge you on your last name.


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