Thursday, February 24, 2011

Voyaging on Nature's Wings

I visited India and returned, in a few minutes. Ethereal, mystic, almost magical, a jaunt. I boarded the mind and it flew me. I closed my eyes. I smelt the smell of rain-steeped wet soil, and that of the drenched greens. I heard the sounds of the clouds' gambolling and the fat raindrops merrily bursting into several little droplets on the ground. I felt the moist vapours of the hot coffee on the skin of my face, soothing. I opened my eyes. I saw the water splashing off the little puddles near the side-walk. I saw muddy water sprinkle off the gumboots striding up and down. I saw lovers. I saw workers. I saw beggars. I turned around and saw a shelter I call home. I closed my eyes again. And felt. I let every sensation imbrue me...the smells, the soft touches, the sounds, the invisible sights,...all,...all...I couldn't tell...I visited India and returned, in a few minutes...Oh world!

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